Web Strategy Revised

The web has seen Portals, E-Commerce, Blogs, Online Magazines, Newspapers and a host of other sites. With the popularity of Facebook and Mobile Technology people approach the web through an ever changing lens.

Following the shift from High Street to E-Commerce the web entered a different space, a part of high street business went online, people put up shop on the web, business started looking more at web strategy.

Popular titles available in print outline approaches to web management. E-Commerce titles offer tips on how to work with customers. Amazon, Zappos and other stores emphasize service strategies to woo customers. Businesses look to data, the savvy users with web experience are understanding more about the web. http://www.thestrategyweb.com.

Content Marketing Strategy has developed and has become closely tied with SEO.   The question about what people want to read or what keep’s the audience’s attention is of growing interest to people with websites. A nice approach to web content  is at the Content Marketing institute. http://www.contentmarketinginstitute.com. With the scope of content marketing people are using their blogs to keep people informed on new ideas, emerging trends and the latest news from work.

Creating content, Managing your site falls into a more general idea of how larger organizations approach business.  Integrating web into your business is part of developing your digital platform, businesses are looking at how the web is becoming more interactive. https://hbr.org/2015/04/how-to-launch-your-digital-platform.

As the internet evolves new technology brings with it new opportunity. Managing your Marketing through the web is a smart part of the Marketing mix. The web is a great way to connect with potential customers, find an audience and move business ahead.