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Photography a closer look.

I am looking at a new approach to Photography, something to add energy to work. I picked up the book “Vermont” from the library, the author is not from the area however he takes a close look at life in Vermont. With series of photos from different Vermonters the author provides an interesting cross-section of life in Vermont. A great take on something on something I know well.

I have been looking into different projects, for practice on work I made trips to Center Street – the local downtown – over three weeks. Returning to Center Street I found some new material, an interesting mix of people and a new look at the area. Returning to the same place was a great way to find new ideas and a new way to look into subject. There are a few local spots that interest me, returning to the same place can offer another look, sometimes a fresh take on an old picture.

Photographers that I have been returning to lately have been Walker Evans and Cartier-Bresson. Both photographers did great work and the book “The Hungry Eye” shows a photographer’s curiosity. Bresson and Evans both had a playful approach to their work, when you look at both you can see an experienced photographers at work. Practice as a photographer involves looking at old places with new eyes. Bresson and Evans both had an interesting take on subject.

Keeping curiosity and a keen eye for work is what keeps photography interesting. A new approach to subject can mean a different point of view – looking at new ways to see work is an evolving process. Different sources, including looking at other people’s work, making a change of scene, or going back to an old spot are great ways to stay creative.