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Solar City

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My first days in Vermont were cooler Fall days in Burlington. Burlington was the first part of  Vermont that caught my imagination. What caught my attention were the people, the landscape and the weather.

Vermonters lean towards progressive ideas, Vermonters also have a strong sense of tradtion. Learning about “Self Reliance” and the Environment was part of a Vermont Education. Living in Central Vermont the same ideas apply to how people live and work.

Rutland has been part of the growing Solar Industry in Vermont. Yesterday marked Rutland as the Solar Capital of New England. With a host of Solar projects having been developed in the area and a number of new developments planned Rutland has been involved in going Solar.

As the Green Mountain State Vermont can claim a good record on the Environment. With local companies that keep an eye on Sustainability and other Environmental concerns, Rutland is a good example of progressive work on the Environment.

As the seasons turn from Summer to Fall and as the leaves change the beauty of the state reveals itself in Foliage. Vermonters are assured that an investment in Solar is a renewed investment in Vermont.