Social Media Platforms

The start of Social Media saw Twitter and Facebook, the space has grown to include numerous platforms each with their own personality, style and flavor. The web offers a number of platforms and not all are the same.

I showed an early interest in Twitter but have been brought back to the platform for a couple of reasons: Tweets people are sharing are part of a quick interesting conversation that’s going on, I don’t spend much time on Twitter but keeping up with what is going on with what’s in the news is a quick way to stay connected with current events.

Facebook has been my main stay for the last few years, people I have known for a while I have reconnected with and people I only know fairly well I have managed to get to know more. Facebook I have gone back to and keep a strong interest in. I’ve found people are interested in developing connections, connections that relate to friendship.

Instagram is still new, with friends and family that are artists the platform lends itself well to people willing to express themselves. Instagram is nice mix of content, expression on Instagram has a connection I find is closer to Journalism, a slightly cooler connection than Facebook but still interesting.

Being new on the Social Media space is not always a handicap, the time I develop and invest in making connections offers a quick return. The idea of social community and value is an evolving and developing idea. Conversations I would not have engaged with give air to ideas and connections that sort out what’s going on.

Whether it’s keeping up with friends, joining in or being part of a larger discussion social networking is about working with others. Being part of different networks is about keeping an informed perspective about what’s going on. From a marketing perspective creating a story for your work is the perfect way for people to know about your work. As the conversation develops I find a common connection beyond these online associations, it’s part of being social and connected in a more connected world – a conversation and connection anyone can relate to.