Site as Platform

Integrating your website with your business develops an extension of business functionality creating new boundaries where different ideas can emerge, areas where new business can take place. Business with web functionality brings a structure, the site exists within web space.

The outline of the site, is the page structure, the blog, a store. The site can include different media, sell a business, show a purpose, demonstrate a niche, engage people with ideas, tell stories.

These ideas come together to give home to Artists, Business, Associations, Schools and Organizations. Developing the site creates a form that acts as a component as part of the bigger picture. Business structure given an outline works under a new model, the idea is the site creates a sum of parts that works as a platform that can grow and incorporate business functionality.

Business with the web creates functionality that engages people closely, bringing people closer to your ideas and your work. Not just working with social media a website is real estate on the web, an independent platform built to house your work.