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Sardonis – Form / Design

Design is a number of things, one of those is form. Malcolm Grear is not a well known person, but his work was of interest, his work is tied up with Rhode Island School of Design. The material in  his  book Inside / Outside covers the 1990’s and the discussion on the book addresses form and primarily the manipulation of form.  As a recognized member of AIGA and together with his association with RISD Grear opens an important discussion.

Jim Sardonis is another piece of the form puzzle, Sardonis lectured extensively and credits include Yale. Working with Jim included a look at creative process, the idea that free expression of ideas held by an experienced artist can create forms, forms of interest; with deep ties to nature form has given voice to Jim’s work and defined his work.

I met with Jim at Campbell Plaster and Iron and talked with Jim about his work. CPI was the ideal place to talk about his work, the discussion may be on Art, the ideas in his work are ideas that are shaping and giving expression to the sculpture.



Form is around us in a lot of places, whether natural forms, geometric forms, form is an essential part of design. As a photographer I’m always on the lookout for interesting ideas, ideas for the next project. Jim works with the title Sardonis Natural Forms, as an an Artist he is using forms found in nature, natural forms that give life to designs. Looking through the eyes of designers and sculptors forms reveal themselves all around. Forms is not only in nature, on the street, form is in architecture, form is around us everywhere.