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New Media

Communications technology and computers are making more possible on the internet. As the internet sees savvier more sophisticated users, the internet has kept it’s pace.

Web technology has seen ideas leading towards an integration of Design, Photogrpahy, Journalism, and moving images. Seven Days wrote about the Vermont’s White River Indie Festival in the latest issues. Transmedia is a more evolved internet, with Filmmakers, Web Developers, Journalists crossing paths in Documentary and Web, storytelling in the web is moving in a exciting new direction.

Web Development, with some of it’s roots in Desktop Publishing has seen the area of design develop to meet these needs. Some developer, designers, storytellers have fallen under the transmedia umbrella. A recent article from Print Magazine highlights how a new creative approach is forming and how creative professional are keeping up with technology – Nimble Design: Creative Thinking in the Digital Age.

New agencies are developing new sites with new technologies, responsive sites that are smart with mobile technology. New sites are more generous with imagery and feature cleaner designs. Wray Ward is an example of a shop doing creative work with the latest in web technology, a nice way the technology is coming together. –http://www.wrayward.com.