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New Media Study

Storytellers and writers are the new business owners, projects reserved for non-profits in documentary format are now fair game. The Linked In space is thinking in terms of projects and collaborations between business. The awareness and energy generated from these projects spur further interest and are a learning process for the parties involved.

Whether it’s 30 seconds of video or something closer to half an hour of documentary, what is being shown needs a smart approach for the internet. New perspective & new stories are finding resolution and are being retold daily. Whether it’s an idea that’s being explained, a re-orientation to a new product, a new look at an old issue, new media is new business.

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Self Made Design

Long_Trail_VintageEthan Allen - Green Mountain

The start of the web was a new look at print. Desktop publishing was put together in small shops, art departments and agencies. Designers were categorized by region and the kind of work they did. As the internet grew the migration from print to web started & designers became developers. As technology is becoming more advanced, new software is creating demand for still more sophisticated ideas.

Print was refashioned by the internet. The new technology is being adapted to create stories, telling and retelling how lives work, relate and grow. As new work evolves the era of the internet continues and the experience people are seeing is a continuance of their lives, expression has added a new dimension; people are becoming designers of themselves.

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HubSpot – Call to Action


What is your preferred call to action, adding a new item and sharing your work on social media? HubSpot has a useful lead generation service, it ties in nicely with their online lead flows, a few examples are on this site. If you have something to offer, say it with HubSpot. Another great way people find work is through publicity; videos, photography, sites and design are all great ways to gain inertia on work. An extra pair of hands on the job can be an extra set of eyes on the job. Whether you have initiative to make a start or are looking for something to act as catalyst to plans, web development and services are a great way to further your work & business.


Google Fonts

Type as Form

Google Fonts includes a beautiful archive of true type faces. Fonts are available for general usage and include choices in display, cursive and modern faces.  There’s an app Fontasy that works with the iPhone, waiting in line is a great time to check out what’s trending or what’s new in the font space with Google. I put this image together working primarily with display faces. With fonts that are available, possibilites have never been more interesting . Text is from Timothy Samara his book Graphic Element: A Graphic Style Manual has a lot of amazing design ideas.




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Sardonis – Form / Design

Design is a number of things, one of those is form. Malcolm Grear is not a well known person, but his work was of interest, his work is tied up with Rhode Island School of Design. The material in  his  book Inside / Outside covers the 1990’s and the discussion on the book addresses form and primarily the manipulation of form.  As a recognized member of AIGA and together with his association with RISD Grear opens an important discussion.

Jim Sardonis is another piece of the form puzzle, Sardonis lectured extensively and credits include Yale. Working with Jim included a look at creative process, the idea that free expression of ideas held by an experienced artist can create forms, forms of interest; with deep ties to nature form has given voice to Jim’s work and defined his work.

I met with Jim at Campbell Plaster and Iron and talked with Jim about his work. CPI was the ideal place to talk about his work, the discussion may be on Art, the ideas in his work are ideas that are shaping and giving expression to the sculpture.



Form is around us in a lot of places, whether natural forms, geometric forms, form is an essential part of design. As a photographer I’m always on the lookout for interesting ideas, ideas for the next project. Jim works with the title Sardonis Natural Forms, as an an Artist he is using forms found in nature, natural forms that give life to designs. Looking through the eyes of designers and sculptors forms reveal themselves all around. Forms is not only in nature, on the street, form is in architecture, form is around us everywhere.






Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer is one of the chosen sources for information for E-Commerce. With insight on store management, ideas that bring back people, managing a site effectively is within easy reach. Articles include information that maximize store sales, for the latest information see Internet Retailer.

Simon Pearce

Short video report on Simon Pearce, including background on the business and insight into the creative process.


There are several elements that go into producing a video, the story, background, subject are part of the material that make up the work. With an outline of what you need the approach to the work this will give the story an idea of direction.

Most video is a collection of interviews that come together with visual images that to tell the story. Video format and outline depend on the message or story you want to tell. Bringing this together in the big picture are elements that generate interest for the work.

The web space was has been misunderstood regarding effectiveness, with video, design, photography and other media, the internet has become a place to communicate ideas, somewhere to find an audience and get work done.

The Retail Space

The internet has become a part of people’s lives, smart phone, tablets and desktops bring Facebook, Websites, Stores and ways for people to better connect. Before the internet was around people shopped at the Mall and their local downtown.

The internet has made shopping available within the reach of your mobile phone. Shopping cart software is common and integrates with common web platforms. Not that the way people has changed their way of shopping, people now have access in different forms.

The website has become digital domain for sellers across the country and around the globe. It isn’t news that people can design their own site and add items to their store, the way they manage the site has become a change to how people do business. The retail concept when adapted to the web opens new doors to the way business can attract clients customers and new business.

The book “Why People Buy, The Science of Shopping,” covers in detail the concept of retail. As the internet has evolved and people understand more about how to work with a website people are discovering how the science of shopping can be used to turn online sites into online sales.

One idea people have looked at is how to help customers make the sale. Shipping was considered a hurdle to selling merchandise, popular E-Commerce stores offers low shipping costs to make the sale easier, giving customers a better experience with sales.

As part of a Marketing mix Facebook, a Website and traditional bricks and mortar are being used to find additional ways to add value and sales. Opening and managing a store is making the idea of adding internet to business a part of a more effective strategy in online business.

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Self Publishing, as an Artist

An artist’s book or photographer’s book was a way to find work. Call someone, schedule an appointment and show them your book, great way to connect with employers.

Create Space provides an easy way to self-publish, distribution also includes title pages on the Amazon stores. Managing distribution is a separate job in itself. Approaching independent stores and publishers involves calling and making a pitch.

Whether or not reaching a well known publisher, self-publishing is one way for your ideas to reach more people. As an artist, something to lead to a show, or further work. See the Title “Looking at Chuck Close” on Amazon.