Merwin Studios

Merwin Studios

Tom Merwin is an Artist local to the Central Vermont area. From the Brooklyn, NY he was a fireman in his early years. Working in New York left little time for anything else to do, however Tom was involved with Art.

With his Father as an Artist he picked up studying at the Arts Student League. Developing strong drafting skills and working in different media Merwin put together strong work. Shown at a number of Galleries in New York City Merwin developed a solid Resume.

Moving to the Vermont was a break from the New York Art scene but not a break from his Art. Continuing to paint in his studio Merwin has put together new work. The works he creates are primarily representational drawings of water forms. The Merwin Studios home page has a collection of oils and watercolors, a nice introduction to his work.

I created the original Merwin Studios site with Merwin to show his work, with new technology he has included a number of new paintings including videos. The site includes a store so people can purchase and the blog is soon to be launched and will be featuring writing from his wife Julie.

If you have a minute see http://www.merwinstudios.com/ and see what is going on with Artist Tom Merwin.