Developing a New Website

The web is always  in a state of renewal, sites designed today include technology that has evolved to fit the new digital landscape. New offerings in the area of tablets, mobile and desktop have meant a number of things for the web space, other reasons for updateing a site could include:

  • People now consider mobile technology first,  a site designed with a mobile first strategy is a good idea. Facebook went with a mobile first strategy years ago and the strategy has been a success
  • Responsivesness has been a key word within the mobile development space for the last few years a site that lends itself to different platforms is key part of a web strategy. Responsive sites are an essential part of  evolving web platforms.
  • An updated blog is a smart way to keep current with potential customers, publishing your latest ideas is a great way to share your work.
  • If you are looking at rebranding your business a new website can mean a new look  at work. Picking strengths from your work and representing these in image can uncover opportunity for further business development.
  • Creating a promotion that highlights new events or work can be a great way to generate interest in your work and create new energy for your business.
  • If you are a retailer an online site for your work can be another potential market for your work. Bringing your store online is a great way to add business to your bricks and mortar site.