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The Marketing Conversation

UX_DesignMarketing is a conversation that continues for the life of the business. It’s the relationship of business to customers and how those relationships and connections are a vital part of sales, communications, customer relations, etc. The business structure plays an important part of this, the different parts of a business are part of the plan that considers the overall health of the business. These come together to include the usability of the web marketing strategies. The general whole of the business are these parts branding, positioning the work of a connected company.


Stephen Shore @ The MoMA

Stephen Shore - MoMA
I was in NYC and lucky enough to see Stepen Shore at the MoMA. The exhibit gives credit to the work of the photographer. There are close to five exhibition size rooms with work on display. I promptly looked at the instagram feed from the photographer. Stephen Shore has been at the leading edge of photgraphy for close to 20 years. His work has been written about, shown and collected.