Therapeutic Approach to Photography

Bowen Farm / Creek Rd.

Planning your Work.

Deciding on a subject is the first step. What do you find interesting, the best place to start is with what you know. Approaching friends, where you work might have an interesting story, events that are happening in your local area, a project on a local Organization, or looking at Nature. Considering your approach to your subject and research is helpful. With enough Research it’ll creates ideas for Photographs.

Shooting Your Photographs

How close do you get to your subject and how do you engage your subject. An important thing to do is ask your subject if you can take the photograph. If you have a positive answer, then your ready to take a couple of photographs. Use the viewfinder to frame your best photo, make sure to try different angles and watch how close you get. Make sure you get the best photograph and thank the subject for the Photograph.

Looking at Your Work

Looking at your photographs and making a quick edit helps before you share with others. If you go with your instinct and work with your best shots is probably the best idea before you share with others. Sometimes people help with feedback other times the photograph may not work. Photographs are a great way to work with others and gain some perspective on the world around you and a great way to get to know different people.

Photography as Therapy

Photography is a great way to look at what’s going on in your life. In a Therapeutic setting Photography is a way to look at who you are in the world and how you relate to people around you. – “Photographs are footprints of our minds, mirrors of our lives, reflections from our hearts, frozen memories that we can hold in silent stillness in our hands.”

Phototherapy Center – Judy Weiser