Questus Funds


A website isn’t complete without the research behind the business. To get the bigger picture on Real Estate Finances in New York I have looked back on learning from UVM.

The stock market is often misunderstood. A keen sense of what is happening in the financial world is the best way to keep up on a dynamic market.

Responsible investing is a smart part of any retirement plan. With a business that invests in real estate the Questus Company is a company with good financial fundamentals.

Approaching Design and Finance is similar in the respect that both involve an intelligent and careful approach to work.

To see the start of the site check Questus Funds.

Avada Theme

Working with a theme is a great way to get ahead on site development. The Avada theme is the top selling theme, reasons include a friendly user interface and options that allow you customize any part of the design.

Creators of the Avada theme are Theme Fusion. One way they have become so popular is level of support, ability to update, frequency of updates, and ease of use. With responsiveness in mind Avada works well on mobile, tablet and Desktop.

Other nice features include the Revolution Slider and tight integration with WooCommerce. Easily works with video, images and text the Revolution slider is a nice way to add more to your site. The WooCommerce cart works nicely, with plenty of choices to create a great looking store.

The good news includes a release of Avada 4.0 with updated features another reason Avada is the top selling theme on the Web.

Managing a Store

A key feature of WordPress is functionality, adding a store to an existing site makes an existing site more versatile. The WooCommerce platform works nicely with WordPress, opening a store has never been easier.

With only a few key settings to change you can have a store running quickly, the only choice is what to sell. Store maintenance is minimal with WordPress and WooCommerce, applications allow you to update and add products from your iPhone.

A great way to follow-up the store is with content that connects people to your work. Search engines and people are hungry for material. WordPress includes a blog, creating interesting, educational or interesting material is a smart way to draw people to your site and store.

With applications that can make these changes from your smart phone WordPress is a natural choice for managing a site, developing your business has never been easier.

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Gagnon Lumber

Gagnon Lumber

Ken Gagnon is a keen source of knowledge on the Lumber trade. Established in 1958 Gagnon Lumber has a track record for finding the right answers.

As a Native Vermonter Gagnon knows about forestry, not just a lumber yard owner Gagnon has a background in what keeps business going. In a recent Seven Days article Ken pitched in on the state of Vermont forestry.

Started as a family business Gagnon Lumber has kept the Vermont tradition of forestry alive. With modern practices that include a revised look at the Environment Gagnon is a Vermont business built to last.

A new look from the upcoming Gagnon site is only part of the Gagnon Lumber picture, another great example of great Vermont business at work.


Merwin Studios

Merwin Studios

Tom Merwin is an Artist local to the Central Vermont area. From the Brooklyn, NY he was a fireman in his early years. Working in New York left little time for anything else to do, however Tom was involved with Art.

With his Father as an Artist he picked up studying at the Arts Student League. Developing strong drafting skills and working in different media Merwin put together strong work. Shown at a number of Galleries in New York City Merwin developed a solid Resume.

Moving to the Vermont was a break from the New York Art scene but not a break from his Art. Continuing to paint in his studio Merwin has put together new work. The works he creates are primarily representational drawings of water forms. The Merwin Studios home page has a collection of oils and watercolors, a nice introduction to his work.

I created the original Merwin Studios site with Merwin to show his work, with new technology he has included a number of new paintings including videos. The site includes a store so people can purchase and the blog is soon to be launched and will be featuring writing from his wife Julie.

If you have a minute see http://www.merwinstudios.com/ and see what is going on with Artist Tom Merwin.