A quick look at E-Commerce

Opening an E-Commerce store involves more than a few things, a mix of site strategy includes a few things to look at.

  1. One of the first things to look into is creating a domain name that works. If your domain name relates closely to something people are looking for, then results will be higher on popular search engines.
  2. A well designed site is important, visual appeal to customers is important, whether the site ranks higher on Google a well designed site will rate higher in the mind of the customer.
  3. A site strategy that includes a well planned Content Marketing Startegy is equally releveant for increasing search results. Creating content relevant, informative and searchable improves ranking.
  4. The right story is a great way to be found by readers. Businesses with background information that informs and educates is an important part of creating interesting and engaging content. A website with content leaning towards journalism can bring readers closer to your work.
  5. A sound component of E-Commerce is developing a customer service strategy that works in tandem with customer needs. A website offering customer service comparable to larger E-commerce is a smart move. If you have ordered or heard about Amazon Prime you’ll notice the difference from top e-commerce and how they approach customer service, Amazon Prime is E-Commerce that delivers to it’s customers.

E-Commerce is often not the only avenue of success for business, a successful business with E-Commerce is a great way to reach new customers. Employing a site strategy is a smart part of developing a business online.

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adc - Countryside Glass Corp     adc - The Coffee Exchange

I read a great book recently, Just my Type. The author Simon Garfield outlines and describes how designers have approached typeface design. I picked up this interests in fonts from studying Type and Brand Identity with the School of Visual Arts. The idea behind the course is to use typefaces and art to create visually strong work.

I thought a book on type would have been a difficult read, however the info on type has a nice approach to design with enough material to keep the reader interested for the whole book.

I have had the chance to work for Countryside Glass Corp. We updated the logo with the website, the logo uses a sans-serif font that has a more modern look. The text was set in Futura and the current CG logo stayed, a nice mix that stays true to the Countryside Glass Corp. business – http://www.countrysideglasscorp.com

I know the owner and a few of the people who work at the Coffee Exchange. The Coffee Exchange logo I think is in need of a design, what I did was give the Coffee Exchange logo a different feel. If it’s fun enough and has enough energy then I think the logo works with the business.

Working on the logos were a good exercise in finding new direction in the area of business identity.