Marketing Strategy – Adaptation

Marketing and business has different flavors: depending on regional differences; the business you are in; the political environment; sustainability concerns, or who your work caters too. A Marketing Strategy that looks at these are keys ingredients to doing good work.

Turning the pages on Vermont Life shows a part of living and working in New England. Articles on a new software business or an article about a farmer show a distinctly Vermont way of doing business. Families and business owners that have been living in Vermont find this a great place to work. Vermont Life has an interesting angle on business in Vermont.

Business that markets sustainability is a smart part of marketing strategy. The long view of the 2008, 2012 election considers ideas that relate to the social landscape including business as it relates to work in the community. If you are doing work in Vermont you are already part of the community called New England. 

A business that invests locally returns more in terms of value. Local jobs are a good answer to the outsourcing trend that was brought by globalization in the nineties. Marketing your business local first brings work closer to home and gives work a regional feel.

If you are looking at Marketing your business borrowing from top business is a great way to continue the brand story. Top business often have a great story associated with their business. In the article “Luxury Talent Factories” Harvard Business Review shines a light on how luxury brands continue the story on their work. 

Technology, including web and mobile has altered the marketing landscape. The adaptation from technology is greater sense of connectedness and greater productivity. More can be done with existing technology and tech-savvy users are finding new ways to work with technology. Mobile first strategies by business are making smart devices even more important.

Whether you are a restaurant with a name to make for itself, a second or third generation family business looking to grow, or a dairy farmer, marketing that looks at regional differences, sustainable concerns, the larger political and economic picture is a business with integrated marketing. Finding room on the web to Market your work is still there, new businesses are making their digital claim daily, making the adaptation into the world of web and integrated Marketing.