Project Vision


There was a recent New York Times article talking about the drug problem in Rutland. The article was printed a few days after the first Project Vision meeting I went to. I’ve held of on reading the article out of my own curiosity in Rutland, looking to see what I really thought of Rutland. Most of my contact with local people is through Associations. Engaging people within the area is mostly through work and from being a resident of Rutland. 

With my first official Project Vision meeting in early January, members got together to talk about how we could make a difference in the Northwest section of Rutland. One of the Project Vision goals was to concern itself in the production of creating an Asset Map for Rutland. Group members split into three different groups to consider and look at the resources for the Northwestern part of the city. Project Vision split into three groups Human Capital, Institutional Capital and Location Capital.

The Human Capital group met a few times. As members of the Human Capital Group we were looking at how to address the Human “Resources” within Rutland. One of the approaches we took was to see how people would look at their own “Gifts, Skills and Talents.” The emphasis was on the “Positive.” The Human Capital Group put together a survey and started to call people. Asking the questions to local Rutlanders was important in finding more about the area.

With the Human Capital questions in mind I’ve gotten to know people on a better level. When I was  in supermarket I jokingly heard someone say something about Rutland, ” Anyone who says they’re from Rutland, doesn’t belong here.” I moved to the area in 1997 and have been suprised by my reception from people in Rutland. Through project Vision I’ve gotten to know the area better.

The investment I put into getting to know people pays off daily. Winters at first seemed too long. Spring needed to be sooner. Summers in Vermont are difficult to beat and the turn to Fall is part of the Yankee charm.  From what I heard the article in The New York Times highlighted the problems Rutland has with drugs. From “Project Vision” I found there a lot of people with good reason to care about where they live.


Bunny Christie

Cousin from Scotland, Bunny Christie explains some of the ideas behind her creative process. Her work includes set Design for a number of different plays. For her work on “Streetcar Named Desire” she won the prestigous Olivier Award. She works primarily on London’s West End. This Summer/Fall she’ll be in the New York area for work on Broadway.


Lunch Network – E-Mail Marketing 101

Andrew Christie - MBDPLunch Network

BROC’s Micro Business Department gives a presentation every month on something new. The last presentation covered Bookkeeping. Meetings have been well attended. Meetings are an interesting source of business contacts. This meeting’s topic is E-Mail Marketing 101, presented by Kerri MacLaury.

Gift of Life Blood Marathon 2013

Rutland held the record for 2008 and 2009. Rutland wins back Gift of Life Blood Marathon Title. Official record for number of pints drawn is 2350.
Video by Andrew Christie


Merwin Studios

Andrew Christie - Merwin Studios

Tom Merwin describes himself as an Artist’s artist. His Artwork on oil is either an Absrtaction and an Expression. His work leaves the impression on viewers of events, they come together in the form of different elements. Each of these compete together to form the Merwin composition. Take a closer look at his work at the Paintings and Watercolors.  Above layout by Andrew Christie.


Merwin Studios

Andrew Christie - Merwin Studios

Tom Merwin is New York born artist now living in VT. Merwin Studios is located in Castleton, VT. The Merwins are a family of artists. He has been shown estensively in New York. More recently his work has been at Vermont Institute of Contemporary Art The Music Cafe in Brandon, VT. Upcoming work will be featured in Galleries around VT. See his work at Merwin Studios. Poster Design – Andrew Christie.

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Web / Marketing Strategy

Andrew Christie, Freelance - Marketing

You have a small business that needs Marketing. Your business is selling more than a product, it’s selling a service. As business owner you know your work better than anyone else. You want to reach customers through better Marketing, how do you sell your work to potential customers? Customer outreach works with Marketing and Selling.

If you have a website, it should be the right selling environment for your business. The look and feel of your site holds your work together. When building a site or looking consider how you position your work. The web environment welcomes people to your business and is where you sell your work.

Working with Marketing is about creating a relationship with customers that enhances Value.  You may ask, “Where do I start?” A good idea is to look at your material at hand. A Mission Statement on your business is the salt of your work and is the Philosophy behind the work you do. A Company History relates your work story to how your work has improved others work and lives. Images tell the story as well as good writing. Images are proof of the work you do.

Research is the basis for a solid site. Looking at strengths and possible opportunity within your business gives your site weight in relation to your competition. With the right information and persausive copy, your site properly sells itself to potential customers.

To keep the discussion going on your site. Collaborating with others is a great idea. A site is not just information about your work, it is a resource. Beyond letting people know about your work your website is a place for discussion where people can go to find out more about what you do. Whether you write yourself or are working with contributions from others, a website is a place where ideas meet. Call on friends or co-workers for a contribution.