Vermont Winter

Bowen Farm

Vermont Winters are cold, it snows and the wind blows. How do you stay warm in the winter. There’s skiing, snowshoeing and a few other Winter sports. As an Artist the question is how stay inspired in the dark days. If the price of a ski ticket is out of reach there’s often more to do than the local coffee shop. The Vermont air has been long known as a curative remedy for Vermont’s short days. A Winter walk can help loosen the joints. Towards January days are a bit brighter. If you’re up for the dawn the sight of early morning skies is welcome relief to Winter weather. If you’re looking for a change of perspective try taking a few photographs. A camera can cast new light on early January and is a great way to re-charge.

What is subject or material for your camera? An early frost or new snow might work. If you’re leaning towards Art trees are an ideal subject. Vermont has history steeped in farming, and farmers are always welcome to be known more. Vermont towns are full of interesting Architecture, and around sunset Churches or a Downtown offer interesting light.

With a smart phone you have access to a camera. The current features on most smart phones offer the ability to take great photos in most light conditions. In the cool weather a favorite spot might be worth a few photos.