Pass the Mic!

What’s your story? How did your business start? What do you want people to know? What changes do you want to make with your work?

Your website is where you meet the public. Branding your business for the web is the vehicle behind the work. Whether your reaching an audience with timely information, informing clients about your work, providing an opinion on latest events – Video is a way to make your mark. A website with information on your business relates to customers. Web together with video tells your story. Let people know about your work and make the right impression.

Expert in the Field

A lot of sites highlight the individual behind the work. To approach this idea the content on the site  has to be resourceful. If you establish yourself as the person to go to within this marketing niche then the website becomes more useful. This can be accomplished a number of different ways. A business can highlight work with on-line workshops or it can share information with a blog. Theses are great opportunity to work with more people. Whether its journalistic or event driven the message gets out there. People are informed.

August in Vermont

Another warm weekend – I noticed it was getting cooler though. I’ve seen a few leaves fall but the Mountains are still a healthy green color. The next two months are a great opportunity for taking photos. When the air cools and the skies turn a deeper blue Vermont is ideal for images. Traveling North on a 100 or any of Vermont’s backroads there’ll be plenty of color.


George’s Back Pocket

George Nostrand plays all over Central Vermont in George’s Back Pocket, he writes for the paper and when he’s not doing that he does advocacy work. Like most Vermonters he knows more than one thing. The site I designed needed a video and this linked in with the release of his new CD. George puts a lot out there with his work. His site is, the CD is The Shape of Things Today – The video we shot is “The River.”