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Marketing your business with a Website is a smart choice. A website introduces Prospective Customers to your work. A well researched site raises awareness and educates people about your business.

A regularly updated site keeps customers informed. The right site is relevant, sells products, strengthens your work and brands the business.


Working as a Freelance Videographer with the Mountain Times. Short series of video highlighting local business in the Central Vermont Area.


Whether you’re looking at creating a Website, Postcards, Business Cards or other printed materials get in contact today.

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Part of the marketing mix is printed material. Printed material provides potential customers with something tactile, it puts your message in the hands of customers. If you’re looking for new clients, working with printed materials generates leads and helps keeps customers. Promoting your work through print is another way to reach people.

Andrew Christie Photography


If you’re looking for Photography I have experience with Portraits, Newborns and Event Photography. I have experience working with Clients on Web Images. If you’re looking for Portraits, Event, or a Wedding Photographer call today.